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Case Studies

Business Skills

Presentation Skills Training for a Financial Media Company.  

This global media giant wanted to improve the ability of their sales team to make impromptu presentations and react better under difficult situations.  Japan Solutions customized 20 weeks of training which culminated into a impromptu speech contest delivered before senior management as well as a panel of experienced trainers. 

Coaching Projects

Presentation Skills Coaching: Client Industry- Financial Media Company.                              This global media giant wanted to improve their internal sales team presentations delivered by their Japanese as well as foreign staff and turned to Japan Solutions for a customized coaching solutions involving almost 100 staff members. 

Executive Coaching Client: Client Industry Communications
 This international organisation wanted to develop the management skills of a selected number of senior managers and the Executive Management Coaching and Mentoring Centre was engaged to provide ongoing coaching tailored to their specific needs.

Developing Workplace Coaching and Training: Client Industry Manufacturing
 The transport division of a large multinational planned to introduce new systems. They needed their supervisory staff to train and coach team members. Japan Solutions delivered a training and coaching program specifically designed to help them coach in the new systems.

Advanced Facilitation Skills: Client Industry Government
 Our client was delivering training across the industry and wanted to enhance the facilitation level. Japan Solutions designed a tailor made program specifically to address this need.

Coaching Skills: Client Industry Financial Services
 With the increased need for in-house training our client decided to introduce coaching to support on-line training which had been used for some time. Japan Solutions designed a Coaching Skills program based around scenarios involved in the workplace.

Time Management Coaching: Client Industry Computer Software
 Our client wanted to improve time management skills of its staff. Rather than just attend a training course Japan Solutions designed a mixed mode approach combing group development with one on one coaching to identify and help address individual issues.


Mentoring Projects

Japan Solutions members have carried out many mentoring projects over the last few years.
Listed below are some sample projects. Please contact us if you would like help or advice in developing mentoring in your own organisation.
Mentoring in Management Development Programs – Client Industry: Various

Solutions has used mentoring as a key element in a variety of management development programs (MDPs) that have been tailored for a variety of clients both large and small.
Mentors are usually experienced managers in the organisation who are (usually) not in a direct line to the MDP participants. Mentors are trained by Japan Solutions and then advise on Strategic Workplace Improvement Projects that participants undertake as part of their development. Japan Solutions provides structured format and guidelines for these projects and mentors sign off on these projects as part of the assessment submission.
Japan Solutions can also provide outside mentors although we strongly recommend using internal mentors wherever possible.