Language & Communication Skill

Presenting With Impact

Course Overview

The ability to give a persuasive and memorable presentation has become a crucial skill for almost every business professional. Whether making a presentation to a customer or partner, or presenting your ideas within your organization, it is important that you are able to make a positive impression.
The growing globalization trend has changed the way in which Japanese professionals look at presentations. The typical more conservative style of a traditional Japanese presentation is unlikely to compare positively with the more flamboyant presentation style of other cultures. As a result, countless Japanese business people see presentation skills as both their highest priority and biggest challenge.
The Japan Solutions ‘Presenting with Impact’ program will help you to evaluate your own presentation style in addition to help you supplement it with additional skills and techniques which will help you adapt to the situation and audience in order to deliver powerful and impactful presentations.

Who Should Attend?

Our ‘Presenting with Impact’ program is suitable for anyone who:
  • Is required to present to either internal or external audiences
  • Expects to give presentations in the future
  • Works in conjunction with people who give presentations
  • Lack confidence when giving presentations
  • Is dissatisfied with the results of their presentations
  • Would like to enhance their presentation skills

Course Content

Some of the highlights of the Japan Solutions ‘Presenting with Impact’ program include:
  • Setting objectives and targets
  • Analyzing your audience and adjusting content and delivery accordingly
  • Designing contents and arranging in most logical and effective manner
  • Preparing your presentation slides and avoiding ‘Death By PowerPoint’
  • Creating a positive atmosphere and rapport with audience
  • Explaining your ideas in a clear and persuasive manner
  • Connecting your ideas logically to form a cohesive presentation
  • Using techniques to maintain audience interest and add impact
  • Emphasizing key points and messages
  • Utilizing voice volume, rhythm, intonation and pacing
  • Using body language and non-verbal communication effectively
  • Using humor, anecdotes and quotations to good effect
  • Implementing techniques for managing nerves
  • Managing question and answer sessions in a professional manner
  • Projecting confidence and self-belief when presenting


The Japan Solutions ‘Presenting with Impact’ program will provide many benefits, including:
  • Ability to understand, interpret and adapt to fit the audience and situation
  • Greater confidence when giving presentations
  • Ability to present with enhanced credibility, persuasiveness and impact

Course Hours

The Japan Solutions ‘Presenting with Impact’ program is available in the following packages;
  • 8 Hours – Core Skills Covered
  • 16 Hours – Core Skills with Simulation Activities
  • 24 Hours – Comprehensive Package with Multiple Simulations (Recommended)