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Presenting With Impact: Advanced-Presentation


Key benefits of taking Japan Solutions' `Presenting with Impact` include:


l   Increased ability to understand, interpret and adapt presentations to fit the audience and situation

l  Greater confidence when giving presentations

l  Enhanced credibility, persuasiveness and impact



Course Content

Some of the highlights of the Japan Solutions ‘Presenting with Impact’ program include:


l  Setting objectives and targets

l  Analyzing your audience and adjusting content and delivery accordingly

l  Designing contents and arranging in most logical and effective manner

l  Preparing your presentation slides and avoiding ‘Death By PowerPoint’

l  Creating a positive atmosphere and rapport with audience

l  Explaining your ideas in a clear and persuasive manner

l  Connecting your ideas logically to form a cohesive presentation

l  Using techniques to maintain audience interest and add impact

l  Emphasizing key points and messages

l  Utilizing voice volume, rhythm, intonation and pacing

l  Using body language and non-verbal communication effectively

l  Using humor, anecdotes and quotations to good effect

l  Implementing techniques for managing nerves

l  Managing question and answer sessions in a professional manner

l  Projecting confidence and self-belief when presenting


Who Should Attend?

Our ‘Presenting with Impact’ program is suitable for anyone who:


l  Is required to present to either internal or external audiences

l  Expects to give presentations in the future

l  Lacks confidence when giving presentations

l  Is dissatisfied with the results of their presentations

l  Would like to enhance their presentation skills

l  Works in conjunction with people who give presentations


Course Details

The Japan Solutions ‘Presenting with Impact’ program is available in the following packages;


l  8 Hours – Core Skills Covered

l  16 Hours – Core Skills with Simulation Activities

l  24 Hours – Comprehensive Package with Multiple Simulations (Recommended)
Available as 1-1- Coaching, Small Workshops (4-6 Participants) or Large Interactive Seminars (up to 40 Participants)