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Introductory Facilitation Skills Training


The Japan Solutions ‘Facilitating Meetings’ program will provide many benefits, including:

  • Enhanced meeting productivity
  • Increased meeting efficiency, leading to less wasted resources
  • Greater confidence when facilitating meetings
Who Should Attend?
The Japan Solutions ‘Facilitating Meetings’ program is suitable for anyone who:
  • Leads or facilitates internal or external meetings
  • Expects to facilitate internal or external meetings in the future
  • Participates in meetings that are inefficient or fail to reach consensus
  • Is required to influence change in attitude or behavior through meetings
  • Desires greater input or contribution from colleagues or subordinates
  • Would like to enhance their communication skills in business settings

Course Content

Some of the highlights of the Japan Solutions ‘Facilitating Meetings’ program include:

  • Planning and structuring meetings effectively
  • Building rapport and creating environments conducive for discussion
  • Clarifying objectives and guiding meetings
  • Asking questions and eliciting relevant information
  • Ensuring full understanding and contribution of each participant
  • Keeping meetings on track and focused
  • Managing time effectively and ensuring progress
  • Handling disagreeable, dominating or uncooperative participants
  • Adapting communication style to fit the situation and participants
  • Dealing with diversity within members
  • Overcoming differences and obstacles in order to reach consensus
  • Dealing with tension, differences and conflict

Course Hours

The Japan Solutions ‘Facilitating Meetings’ program is available in the following packages;

  • 8 Hours – Core Skills Covered
  • 16 Hours – Core Skills with Simulation Activities
  • 24 Hours – Comprehensive Package with Multiple Simulations (Recommended) 
Available as 1-1- Coaching, Small Workshops (4-6 Participants) or Large Interactive Seminars (up to 40 Participants)