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Advanced Business Topics
Japan Solutions' Pre-MBA is a full-time, eight-week program designed to prepare graduate level Japanese students, who have high intermediate to advanced English, to study for an MBA Program at North American and English speaking European universities. 
Course activities focus on all elements of language learning (reading, writing, listening, speaking), especially as these apply to the language of the business world. The course also will focus on specific academic and business-related areas, such as improving business report writing, research, case study analysis, leadership and presentation skills.
Intensive language study as it relates to Business English usage.
Business-related projects: All students will be required to complete a major case study team project that involves considerable research, analysis of economic and financial data, a written report – including a recommendation – and a related oral presentation.

Content-related modules, such as the following, to introduce language used in a business environment:
 Global Markets
 Organizational Behaviour
 International Trade
 Information Systems
 Strategic Management
 Skills Management
 Corporate Finance
 International Business Issues
 Business Ethics
 Financial and Management Accounting

This program prepares international students for admission and successful study in competitive American, Canadian, United Kingdom and other MBA programs held in English.
 Our PreMBA program supports your admissions and successful completion to graduate programs by offering the following:

• Admissions interview training
• GMAT and application essay writing development
• Assistance in identifying MBA programs that match your professional goals and academic profile
• Cooperation with MBA programs that offer conditional admission.
To help ensure your success once you gain admissions, our PreMBA program provides:
• Training in case study analysis
• Development of effective oral presentation and seminar intercultural communication skills
• Development of critical reading and writing skills required for MBA programs
• Exposure to economics, management, and finance vocabulary and concepts
• Workshops and lectures by entrepreneurs and MBA faculty
Instruction combines both the development of English language and academic skills with course content and instructional methodology similar to that in American MBA programs.
Reading/Writing for Graduate Programs
Oral Business Case Studies
GMAT Preparation
Course Descriptions
•Oral Business Case Studies: In this course, students focus on developing their academic English vocabulary and listening/speaking language proficiency skills as they discuss, analyze, synthesize, explain, report, and present case studies. The case study method is widely used for instruction in MBA programs, and this course offers students practice with the methodology using Harvard Business School Field Case Study materials.

•GMAT Preparation: Students develop their reading and writing skills and apply these skills for the purpose of meeting the admissions requirements of the MBA or other graduate programs. The course focuses on test taking strategies to score well on the GMAT, when English is the applicant's second language, academic and business vocabulary, and analytical essay writing.

• Reading and Writing for Graduate Programs: In this course, students develop their ability to read and write graduate-level texts. Each student conducts in-depth library research into a topic of interest in their graduate field of study and writes an analytical literature review. The course also includes a comprehensive review of academic written English grammar..

•Entrepreneurship and the Business Plan: With instructor guidance, students in this course work in teams to create a small business. Teams research, prepare and present a business plan with operational business and competitive and marketing strategies and a statement of cash flow. The Delaware Small Business Development Center (SBDC) provides speakers for the class and online workshops on aspects of business planning. At the end of the course, the teams make a formal presentation of their plans and are questioned by the Director of the Delaware SBDC.

 Workshops and Services
•Workshops ◦ Resume Writing Critical and Analytical Thinking
◦How to read the Wall Street Journal
•Additional services ◦Two visits to area corporations
◦ Personal counseling on MBA program choice
◦Application preparation and application essay revision
◦ Letters of recommendation, and
◦ Tutoring for GMAT or GRE.
 Japan Solutions Business Skills and Personal Development training programs are designed around well known business frameworks, methods, models and theories and are deliver by business professionals using proven techniques that work in the real world, not just the training room. 

Assertiveness Training with Confidence Building

This comprehensive two day Assertiveness Skills training course provides practical guidance for anyone who needs to develop their assertiveness skills for a range of workplace situations. During this assertiveness and confidence building course you will gain the tools and techniques to boost your confidence and build your self-esteem.


Time Management Training

This is a practical Time Management course that introduces proven techniques for mastering time. The approach will involve presentations and discussion to introduce the concepts of time mastery and practical exercises and syndicate work to develop personal skills.


Facilitation Skills Training

Facilitation is fast becoming a key skill for anyone who is in a team, leading a project team, heading up a working group or managing a department. Facilitation is the skill, and art of guiding others to solve their own problems and achieve their objectives without simply giving advice or offering solutions. A facilitator provides the structure and process – enabling groups to function effectively and make high-quality decisions.


Facilitating Focus Groups Training

Focus groups are a vital tool for quality & process improvement and staff development strategies. This two day Facilitating Focus Groups course will take delegates step by step through preparing and facilitating effective focus groups.


Presentation Skills Training

This Presentation Skills training course is designed to give you confidence when delivering presentations. Learn how to overcome, and use problems to your advantage in order to give maximum impact with your presentation.


Advanced Presentation Skills Training

This 1-day Advanced Presentation Skills training course is designed to coach experienced presenters to improve their delivery so as to enhance the impact on the audience.


Communication Skills Training

Powerful communication techniques are vital for anyone who needs to influence other people to achieve results. During this course you will learn to enhance your natural communication skills and improve your ability to convince and motivate others.


Telephone Skills Training

Most poor technique is not through indifference, rather a failure to see things from the customer's perspective. As such it is relatively easy to bring about substantial improvements by application of the techniques taught on this Telephone Skills training course.


Active Listening Skills Training

To listen, really listen is a difficult thing to do. Frequently, we hear what someone is saying without giving it our full attention and without fully understanding what has been said. This Active Listening Skills training course will give participants a range of techniques which they can use to improve their ability to listen.



Report Writing Training

Presenting information in a written form is a problem that is increasingly faced by all managers. While financial data is frequently a key part of such reports, it is usually the narrative element which causes trouble for the writer and, sadly, confusion for the reader. Since written reports are often the starting points for action, such trouble and confusion can only cause unwarranted delay.


Writing Business Plans Training

The primary value of a business plan is to create a written outline that evaluates all aspects of the economic viability of your business venture including a description and analysis of your business prospects. This 1-day Writing Business Plans training course can be tailored to meet your specific requirements.



Budgeting & Cost Control Training

This Budgeting & Cost Control course takes a practical approach to financial planning for the organisation and considers: the compilation of budgets; how to identify potential problems arising and suggests actions which can be taken. It also looks at ways of improving financial control using budgets, so as to avoid reduced profits and/or financial problems.


Effective Meetings Training

This Effective Meetings training course aims to assist in dealing with those aspects which inhibit the effectiveness of meetings and emphasise the best practices which make meetings successful.


Innovation & Creativity in Business Training

Business is a constantly changing environment. What used to work often no longer does. Without change and growth businesses come under ever increasing threats from competition that gets ever smarter. The problem is how do you motivate the key players in your organisation to be more Innovative, to find new ways of doing business, to find better ways of solving problems, and to stop problems before they even occur.


Consulting Skills Training

The aim of this Consulting Skills training course is to develop the consulting skills of professional staff to promote and improve a client centered approach. Having completed this consulting skills training course participants will be able to: Build an effective working relationship with their clients, Carry out an initial diagnosis of client needs, Contract with clients to provide a framework within which they will work, Provide feedback to a client, Review and evaluate solutions implemented, Develop ongoing relationships with their clients.


Counselling Skills Training

Counselling is a process where clients are supported in dealing with their personal and interpersonal conflicts by a therapist. It involves active listening skills, empathy, knowing human nature, timing and congruence.