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Albrecht Stahmer

Albrecht Stahmer has more than ten years proven experience in analyzing, understanding and developing solutions for global business skills training programs.  He has extensive personal experience in negotiation, presentation and public speaking.

Albrecht Stahmer, Facilitation in Action


Albrecht’s methodology focuses on combining the latest academic research and professional training theories with current market conditions to provide specific, practical content that is immediately applicable to client environments.  By leveraging research and tools from the American Society of Training & Development and the American Management Association, and combining it with his personal entrepreneurial and corporate work experience, he understands change and how to seize change as a growth opportunity.


His relevant work experience include: Three years as a country risk analyst in emerging markets; five years of public sector vertical market management in the telecommunications industry for AT&T in Miami, where he chosen as a change agent by peers to re-construct corporate culture during post-merger integration programs; the establishment of a public sector vertical in Miami for XO Communications; and project management experience digitizing blueprint libraries for GE.  He later raised capital to launch a Tokyo-based telecom start-up company.  Cumulatively, he has worked through four mergers, one IPO and numerous start-ups, and as a result, maintains a deep understanding of fluid, changing work environments and resulting issues and strategies for closing communication and management gaps.


He has more than 10 years of internal and external corporate training experience in the China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Singapore and the USA.


Albrecht has a BA degree in Telecommunications and Modern American History from the University of Kentucky.